"What you know is possible in your heart is possible. We make it possible by our will. What we imagine in our minds becomes our world." Masaru Emoto

We perceive reality through our 5 senses and our mind. Yet this perceived reality is only a fraction of the total reality. For example we know there are sounds, smells, sights,...  which exist that we are not able to perceive. So the reality we perceive is neither absolute, nor objective. There is no issue in believing the absolute nature of our thoughts on reality as long as it creates health and happiness in our life.

If you find yourself wanting to make some changes to you life then consider this: by changing your mind you will effectively create a new reality. 

And this is what we can do with hypnotherapy 


In a hypnotherapy sessions the first thing I will help you to do is RELAX. Why? Because we want to effectively bypass your conscious mind and some of the ways in which it is so used to (mal)function. So we first need to take the focus off the body by making it really comfortable. Then we relax your mind so that it can momentarily disconnect from its usual way of judging/criticizing everything. In such a unified and relaxed state you can make changes at a very deep level.


Trust the process

During the hypnotherapy session, once you are relaxed I will help you use your mind in a healthy way. I will guide you on your own inner journey towards greater health by helping you rewire your brain. How? Mostly by seeing and experiencing a new reality with the use of positive suggestions, affirmations and visualizations. You will create new, healthier patterns at the level of your consciousness and this will naturally translate into your life. Trust the process!


Hypnotherapy can be effective in just one or two sessions. Yet to enhance the sessions and make sure the freshly encoded information becomes hardwired I will recommend you incorporate some small yet very important exercises into your daily life. Of course this is entirely up to you yet these small exercises will help reinforce the newly established habit and make sure it is long lasting.


certified hypnotherapistThe number of sessions required depends on the nature or cause of the issue you are wanting to make progres on. Yet, no matter what you are tackling, the two most important ingredients for a successful hypnotherapy session are your willingness to truly make changes and your openness to the therapy & the therapist.  As I adopt a holistic approach in my practice, it is my goal to help you transform unhealthy habits as well as understand what created them in the first place. For this reason I offer a block of 5 sessions at a highly discounted price for persistent issues which are particularly challenging.  

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to transform unhealthy habits yet a "fix me so I can be fine for the rest of my life" attitude is no realistic way to deal with life. In a society where we have become so accustomed to giving our power away, asking porfessionals to fix us instead, taking charge can initially require some effort. In this context, hypnotherapy can serve as a wonderful kick start. By realizing how powerful you really are it is my hope you will continue on your journey towards better health long after you had your hypnotherapy session(s).

One way to ensure you continue to grow healthy patterns which truly serve you is to incorporate Yuan Qigong into your life. Of course any practice which has a deep understanding of consciousness and actively works with the mind in a healthy and uplifting way will work wonders. Yuan Qigong is the modality I offer as I have personnally experienced life-changing benefits from this practice.


Hypnotherapy can be helpful with a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, phobias, addictions, insomnia, stress & pain.

Hypnotherapy is also a safe and complementary option to any conventional medicine and can be used to help the body recover (for example after an accident or surgery) or enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation).


Anyone with a true intention to help themselves.


Yes, I highly recommend you avoid hypnotherapy if:

  • you come reluctantly, whatever the reasons are
  • you are suffering from a severe mental illness (such as psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia,...)

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I offer special discounts for people needing support due to chronic, degenerative or life-threatening illnesses.


Please let me know on the booking form and instantly receive a 50% discount for all your sessions.

I also offer ongoing support through weekly Qigong classes.
Qigong practice is a safe, gentle & affordable way to continue on your path towards greater health and wellbeing. One-on-one classes are also available.

Please note that the information presented on this website is not intended to be a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis and treatment. Please check with your doctor first if hypnotherapy would be suitable for you.

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson new zealand

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson