About the importance of a relaxed state

Most of our modern life is lived in tensions of some kind. Tensions about the things we (or others) haven't done, tensions about the things we (or others!) should be doing or should have done, tension about making the "wrong" choices, tensions about the past, tensions about the future, tension around finances, family and work...

Welcome to our modern world!

A world where we view relaxing as a luxury we can rarely afford and only at specific times. A moment of relaxation might be kept aside for special occasions such as evenings, days off, holidays or partys. Relaxing means time "off" or time "out", having nothing we have to do. We will often have a very clear picture of what this relaxed time looks like.

Qigong practice and hypnotherapy both rest on the same foundation: a relaxed state in which we can experience ourselves beyond the limitations of a mostly scattered and restless mind. A state in which we can have true insights into the nature of our being and transform our life at a very deep level.

How could such a simple thing be so powerful?

A key aspect of these two modalities is the relaxation of the mind in a very specific way. With Qigong and hypnotherapy, the focus is on what is going on inside of ourselves

Properly understood a relaxed state is not a luxury but an intrinsic part of a healthy life. When we can be relaxed no matter what, life flows effortlessly and we can experience true harmony. Harmony within, harmony with others and harmony with the world.

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qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson new zealand

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson