What is the true nature of reality? Let's first remember that our current understanding of reality is not reality itself.

What we understand now in our modern world is for a large part a natural product of the scientific developments which have been unfolding over hundreds of years in the West. As we continue to evolve so does our understanding. Different modalities whether it is Quantum physics or Ren Xue are leading us towards a new level of reality...

To move forward, towards a greater understanding of life and the nature of reality, does require an open mind.

In quantum physics, a science which belongs to our Western paradigm a quantum is a. the smallest quantity of some physical property such as energy, that a system can possess. b. a particle with such a unit of energy.

In traditional Chinese culture, Qi is...

The smallest particle in the whole universe at the quantum level.

An integrated form of energy, material and information.


Qi exists in all of the space in the universe in a physical and non-physical form. A very special form of total existence Qi is constantly in the process of change and development with the information determining how the energy & material transform. The transformation of Qi is the most fundamental of all changes in the universe.

When looking at human life from a Qi perspective, understanding Qi and its role is essential for life consists of Qi : the physical body is made of Qi and so are our thoughts, our emotions and what underlies them: our consciousness.

In traditional Chinese culture, Qi has been observed, understood and used for thousands of years. (Qi is also known as gi in Korean culture, ki in Japanese culture and Prana in Indian culture.)


qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson new zealand

qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson