About the patterns of the consciousness

Doctor Joe Dispenza says; "95% of who we are sits in the subconscious memory system." As we go through life, we memorize a set of automatic programs which, because we have practiced them so many times, we no longer have to think about. So effectively, a lot of the time we live our life on autopilot. In Ren Xue these automatic programs are referred to as "patterns of the consciousness". Many of these patterns are unhealthy meaning they don't actually support and enhance life. So it is only a matter of time until they create havoc in our life. 

For many of us it is only when our physical life is disrupted that we start noticing that "something is wrong". Sometimes our unhealthy patterns are so good at convincing us that everything is OK that it can take us a very long time before we decide to act on our unhealthy habits, preferring instead to nurture our addictions and fears. To make things worse, we all know people like us, with similar problems so it's easy to justify not doing anything about our own problems . . . because others don't either.

Our Western understanding of the mind (or consciousness) is still in its very early stages and the state of our society naturally reflects that. Jiddu Krishnamurti once said: "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

The good news is. . . everything is naturally changing and evolving. Modalities which support and enhance health are becoming more widespread. Our medical system is increasingly acknowledging or incorporating life-enhancing practices in its treatment options.

And as individuals, we all have a choice:

We can choose to know and experience ourselves as the sum of our limitations, continue to live life as we know it, within our comfort zone, no matter how unhealthy this comfort zone is or....

We can actively and consciously align ourselves to principles thousands of years old and let the quality of our life speaks for itself.

Which one will you choose?


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qigong hypnotherarpy marlborough nelson